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Papua Regional Police Chief: We Are Carrying Out Firm Action and Measurable Against Armed Criminal Group


Police Inspector General Mathius D Fakhiri, Head of the Papua Regional Police, said that the law enforcement efforts against the Armed Criminal Group (ACG) that orchestrated various shootings against civilians and security forces and other acts of violence in the mountainous region of Papua were still the same as before.

“I, as the Head of Papua Police, have not received a statement from the leadership of the matter. So far, the leadership of the National Police and the TNI have provided the troops we asked for. Of course, these troops are what we have put forward to take action against those who have disturbed security during the last few months, in this regard. this is ACG. We will take firm and measured legal action, “said Inspector General Fakhiri in Timika, Sunday.

In this context, a more humanist approach is needed to all elements of society and local government at crucial points where the CLA has so far been entrenched.

“All elements of society and local government must continue to be encouraged to take concrete steps in mobilizing and even attracting members of the community involved with the group to leave and return to carrying out activities like the community in general.

Of course the Police and TNI will take serious steps to deal with this armed group, “said the native Papuan.

Through this strict and measurable law enforcement, the Kapolda hopes that things will not happen that can cause new problems, especially those that result in casualties from civil society.

“We are not playing games with this group because it is very unsettling. However, law enforcement must be truly measurable, the impact of the actions taken should not cause new problems. We do not want the law enforcement to be carried out to cause wounds or make the public in that place became traumatized and afraid, “he said.

The Papua Police Chief also emphasized that so far there has been no plan to add TNI and Polri troops to Papua specifically assigned to hunt down the Armed Criminal Group which has now been labeled a terrorist group.

After the government designated the KKB as a terrorist group, a number of parties in Papua rejected this decision.

Even the Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe, in his press release a few days ago asked the Central Government to re-evaluate the decision to establish the ACG as a terrorist group. (ant/a34)

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